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Brand Guideline


Brand guidelines are usually provided as a set of documents which set out how the design elements for a brand should be used. Often created to be used by designers within a company, as well as external design teams, they exist to provide consistency to a brand across all mediums.The size of your business will determine the level of detail needed in a Brand Style Guide. Small businesses need less detailed style guides while big businesses need more detailed style guides.

Working with strong design and brand guidelines is great for your designers. They provide a head-start on creating a design that is relevant to the brief, engaging, but also very brand-accurate. Strong brand guidelines enable your designers to simply take them and then represent your brand in the best way they can in a different form such as on the web, on videos or presentations.

Why Create a Brand Style Guide

  • A Brand Style Guide is important for businesses of all sizes. It’s a must have when working with outside vendors and with departments inside a company to ensure everyone is using the company’s logo in a consistent and correct manner. .
  • This makes your brand look professional. Your audience will get to know you did everything for a reason.
  • It is easy to maintain control of the design. When someone does something awful, you can refer them to the document.
  • This helps to avoid cheapening the design, message and branding.