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Dynamic Website



Dynamic website have options to interact with the website like software application.

You can have options like visitor registration, guest book and similar pages to collect and store details about the visitor.

This way of collecting data may give you the information about the visitor and their preferences. This can help you to understand the trend among your product users. Contact details of the user may provide the base for cold calling for your marketing department.

So far whatever explained is a simple option. You can have a full-fledged ecommerce enabled complete web application with search, chat, click to call, online sales and payment option on your website. This may include user authentication with user specific content and menu.

In summary, the contents are displayed differently at different time bounding to the context like user input, database update and many such events.

The interactive websites with very simple option to the websites with most advanced options like complete web application fit under the category of dynamic website.

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